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Hand Painted Kitchen Hayling Island

Jump to PhotosI recently had an enquiry to handpaint a kitchen in Hayling Island. The customers were very happy with the quality of their existing cabinets and the layout worked well. However, the natural timber look dates the kitchen somewhat, and they wanted to freshen it up without breaking the bank.

In my experience over 30-odd years, even when money is no object, very often my customers simply cannot face the disruption that comes with a new kitchen.

Either way, my service comes into its own, hand painting well made wooden kitchens to a showroom quality finish, in situ. And the price point is such that my clients save literally £000's if not 10's of 000's of pounds on the cost of new.

So how do I turn the plain wooden kitchen into a hand painted centre of attraction?


I know most people keep their kitchens very clean. Unfortunately a successful paint system requires not just clean surfaces, but slightly etched surfaces too. So don't take it as a sleight against the cleaner, when I set to work with Virasol citric degreaser.


At a high enough concentration, degreasers can act as a liquid sander too.

For belt and braces, I also use an orbital sander with dust extraction unit attached. Dust is all but non-existent, but even so, I am never far from a tack rag to ensure an ultra clean surface before painting.


As a member of Traditional Painter, I have access to the shared knowledge of 20 of the most experienced kitchen painters in the UK. We love talking paint and sourcing the industry's best materials.

The primer I use is called Zinsser BIN, arguably the highest adhesion primer on the market. And for several years I have been at the forefront of painters using Benjamin Moore top coats. I honestly don't think there is a better product combination for this type of kitchen.

For reference, the colour is Stonington Gray HC-170 and the 2 top coats are Benjamin Moore Aura eggshell.


Overall, this project, hand painting a kitchen in Hayling Island went seamlessly well. As you can see from the before and after shots, it really is viable to transform a wooden kitchen, any wooden furniture, into a new feature in your home. And sit a friend down with a drink at the island, and I bet someone will ask, "Who sprayed your kitchen?"

You can contact me for free estimates to hand paint your kitchen in Wiltshire, Gloucestershire or Dorset via the website.

Note to self: remind me to do more preparation about travel and start times, especially working near such a busy tourist attraction as Hayling Island! I don't mind sitting in traffic, to be honest, but hearing all those tourists having so much fun afterwards...!

Before Hand painted kitchen

After Hand painted kitchen

If you would like a free quote for the price of hand painted kitchen in Hayling Island from a reliable kitchen painting company, please contact us for a no-obligation price quotation.